February 24, 2017

The Difference in Danette May's Workouts (and Why They Work So Well For Me)

What do I love about Danette May's workouts for the 30 Day New You Challenge and Forever Fit Programs?

Here's the short version:
- They are fast.
- They are easy to do every day.
- They are effective.
- They are positive and uplifting.
- They make me feel good.

Before I break it down in a little more detail for you, you might be wondering what her workouts are like. Well, I'll tell you this...they keep you on your toes! Each workout is different. Some are very pilates-focused and some are more burpee-bootcamp. Some feel gentle and all about peace. And others leave you lying on the floor sweaty and panting for breath. It's a little bit of everything. Each workout is defined by a mantra (think: I am strong or I can do hard things or I am peace), which I love. Some of them are 18 minutes straight through, but many of them consist of a 6-8 minute workout set that you repeat three times. And each day, each week, she keeps you mixing it all up. And I can tell you, this has been great for my body.

Now, let's revisit what I love most about these workouts.

I love Danette's workouts because they are fast. 15-20 minutes and I'm done. I LOVE THAT! As my dad would say: You can do anything for 20 minutes. Even if it's really hard (and some of them are), it's only 20 minutes. And I'm not joking when I say-- they go by really fast. Seriously. They do.

Next! Because the workouts take 20 minutes or less, I have no problem getting them in every day. Just 20 minutes. That means you can get up just 20 minutes earlier than normal and squeeze it in. That means that even when you've had a super crazy day and you finally get the kids to bed, you can still fit in a quick workout before you collapse on the couch for a little zone-out time. You can always find a way to work it in. I know this because I have done it for 45 days straight. I have not missed a Danette workout since I started this program-- despite busy days, despite being sick for a week, despite my husband traveling for work...despite, well, life. I always get it in. And you can too. Because it's only 20 minutes!

And these suckers are effective. Turns out you don't need to spend 40-60 minutes working out to see results. Even with only 20 minutes, I still end up sore the next day after a new workout. I still end up huffing and puffing by the third set. And I'm still seeing the results. Things are trimmer, firmer, more tone. My clothes lay better on my body. It's a good thing.

The next reason on my list is the thing I think I love the best about her workouts: They are positive and uplifting. Though there is a little, there is far less of this: "Keep doing those squats so your butt will looks good in your jeans" or "Give me ten more seconds in that plank if you want your abs ready for that bikini." And there is a lot more of this: "Send love to your body," and "Our mantra today is I am strong," and "Tap those ab muscles and tell them to wake up and work for you."

This is important to me for two reasons.

1) Me. I've had enough of being told that I need to be skinny, that I need to be sexy, that I need to live up to some social standard of beauty. At 42 years old, I've had enough of it. Stop it. Turn it off. No more. I want to be strong. I want to be healthy. I want to feel good in my skin. I want my body to feel good. I want to be a good role model for my kids. I do not want to look hot in a bikini. Seriously. That's not what I care about anymore and I don't want to pollute my psyche with that kind of talk.

2) My daughter. I hate nothing more than having my 8 year old daughter walk in while I'm working out and hear the workout instructor on my dvd telling me to work harder so I can fit into my jeans or wear a bikini or look sexy for my man. Ugh! I am doing everything in my power to counteract the soon-to-come inundation of social pressure and body shaming for my girl. I want her to know that I work out to keep my body healthy and strong and to take care of myself, mentally and physically. I do not want her internalizing the message that we workout to be skinny or sexy for men. Danette's workouts are far more focused on positive messages than negative. I feel they are uplifting, so I don't mind my daughter hearing what Danette has to say. It's about self care and self love and nothing more.

And lastly, I just like the way these workouts make me feel. I feel good when I'm done. I feel healthy and I feel good about myself. And those are some really good feelings, my friend. They just are.

So there you have it. A little more in-depth look at Danette May's workouts and why I love them.

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If you're interested in signing up for the next 30 Day Challenge (which starts March 6), click here to learn more about the program and sign up: http://59894eyms6z7rh6pp2w509aobx.hop.clickbank.net/?pid=265&tid=amylorbach2017. (12/27/17 Update: New Link! Click Here to sign up for the next 30 Day Challenge: http://mbsy.co/l3l9M)

Until next time, keep moving your body and sending it love.


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