December 29, 2016

The Weight of Love

There is this sensation that is one of my most favorite things to feel. I call it the weight of love. It is the feeling of the weight of someone's body pressed gently against yours. Not the suffocating kind of full body weight on your lungs. Not a stranger bumping into you in a crowded space. But the gentle pressure of someone you love's body touching yours.

It is your dog asleep against your side.

It is your baby asleep on your chest.

It is your spouse's hand on your shoulder or back or hand.

It is the extended hug of a dear, dear friend--the kind where you lean into one another and hold each other up.

It is your child's embrace, their head on your shoulder, their body leaned into your's.

It is your spouse's leg or arm touching your's in bed at night.

It is the weight of love.

And sometimes I feel it simply as the lovely, warm contact that it is on the surface. But other times I feel it as the deeper connections of life. For it is as simple and as profound as anything there ever was, this weight of love. It is so basic and so very, very big. It speaks of responsibility. It reminds us that we are caretakers of others' hearts. It whispers of the connection of those we love, and to the world at large. It tells us to honor and respect those souls. It ties us together, and yet frees us to relax and let go.

It is a beautiful thing, this weight of love.

Until next time...

My sweet Cooper-dog resting against my legs not long before he passed away

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