February 19, 2015

I Finally Made the #&*@#!*%$ Button Lampshade...and it's Fifty Shades of Awesome! (Get it?)

The Button Lampshade

So this craft project has been on my list FOR YEARS!

I am not kidding.

I saw the picture on Pinterest ages ago. I loved it. I thought, I can do that. I found a cute lamp with a basic white drum shade at Target: Perfect. Bought it. I found a website where you can order loads of buttons for not loads of money: Perfect. Ordered 'em.

The lamp then sat on my daughter's dresser, lovely but plain. The box of buttons sat with my craft supplies, opened and oohed-and-ahhed at but unused. And "Start Button Lampshade" sat on my to-do list for years, sadly moving from page to page, month to month, year to year. Last year I even put it in a blog post of things I wanted to do that year, hoping it would inspire me to actually do it. Didn't. Do it.

But then, for no apparent reason whatsoever, two weeks ago I got the bee in my bonnet to do it. I took the shade off the light. I got the buttons out of their box. I plugged in the glue gun and I got to work.

And guess what?

It was so much fun. It was super relaxing to work on. And it was way easy. And....it looks awesome! I love it. My daughter loves it. And I can't wait to figure out my next project.

Look out Pinterest, this lady's on the prowl.

Check it out...

The Lampshade
The Buttons

The Finished Product

Don't you just love it?

It's so pretty with the light on

Until next time, go get your crafty on!

P.S. If you're looking for a tutorial, here it is: 1) Buy a plain, drum lampshade. 2) Buy lots and lots of colorful buttons. 3) Get a glue gun and lots of sticks of glue gun glue. 4) Glue buttons to lampshade with hot glue...trying very hard not to burn yourself. 5) Enjoy finished product.

P.P.S. If you're looking for a smaller button project, check out Pinterest for other ideas. You could do a simple picture frame, or a button vase could be very cool. The options are pretty much endless.

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