September 9, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Smells

It's Top Ten Tuesday, people! You know you missed it this summer! How did any of us survive without my random top ten lists? It is one of the great mysteries. But you need not suffer any longer. The ages-old wisdom is back. And I thought I'd kick-off this season's top ten lists with one that's extra Top Ten Favorite Smells. I know, I'm so weird. But here you go...

Top Ten Favorite Smells
10. Farm-fresh, ripe red, ripe strawberries warmed by the sun, or perfectly ripe peaches
9. Fresh lavender and rosemary in the garden...just lean in and...aaaahhhhh
8. Fresh laundry, warm from the dryer
7. Baby (you know what I mean)
6. Freshly cut grass
5. Aveda salons (Shampure smells divine)
4. Mirepoix (cooking onions, carrots and celery in butter...the start of so many good things to eat, makes the whole house smell divine)
3. Brewing coffee
2. Baking bread and baking cookies
1. Fresh from the bath and jammied children (bury your nose in their little sweet)

Other things I used to love the smell of...

...rubber cement (Remember that stuff? Do they even make it anymore? I used to love that smell.)
...white out (Oh the days of painting white out on your paper to correct mistakes...I am so old.)
...pumping gasoline fumes (Makes me think of sitting in the back of the family car with the windows down while dad pumped gas.)
...pool chlorine on my skin (Reminds me of summers as a skin permanently smelled like that for three months each year.)
...and old-school suntan lotion (You know, that coconutty, Coppertoney smell that just captures "summer" and "beach" in your memory.)
...ooh, and remember Love's Baby Soft perfume? It would probably make me gag now, but I loved it when I was a kid.

I'm slightly concerned by my former love of chemical fumes. That's probably not good...and possibly explains some of my weirdness. Hmmm.

I also noticed that many of my current favorite smells are food...which also explains a few things.

Tell me, what's your favorite smell?

Until next time, go sniff some yummy stuff. :-)

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