June 10, 2014

Top Ten Pet Peeves Just For Today

I'm annoyed. I really shouldn't be. But I am. Nothing is really wrong. No bad things have happened. As a matter of fact, things have been great. I am loving these fabulous, fun summer weekends we've been having. It's just been one of those days when all of the little stuff seems to be going wrong and ordinary stuff is getting on my nerves. And here it is: time to write another Top Ten Tuesday post. What will I write about today? You guessed it: How about a wee list of complaints. A venting. A mini-rant. A list of my Top Ten Pet Peeves Just For Today...

Top Ten Pet Peeves Just For Today
10. The interference of my husband's work schedule in my attempts at summer plans
9. When my Fitbit randomly goes into sleep mode during the day without me realizing it and stops recording my steps
8. My inability to shake my to-do list and let go some days
7. Wet grass and too much rain and depressing gray skies and sticky humidity
6. Super, over-the-top, crazy-loud kid voices All. Day. Long.
4. The dog getting into the garbage
3. That it's impossible to make a small bag of microwave popcorn in our microwave without burning it
2. That my son often wakes me up SO early and I'm SO stinkin' tired
1. Both my husband and my dog snoring a (albeit relatively quiet) symphonic duet when I'm trying to fall asleep

Bonus: That my current book took over 200 pages before it finally got really good.
Double bonus: And then I stayed up until after midnight reading when I should have been sleeping.

Now that I've gotten that little rant off my chest, here's the view of my day from a place of gratitude...

Top Ten Things I'm Grateful For Today
10. That my husband has a great job that supports our family and allows me to be home with the kids
9. That my Fitbit brings me greater awareness of how active I am each day
8. My ability to stay on top of things and get things done
7. The rain that helps our grass (and everything else) grow and stay a lovely shade of green
6. My kids and their beautiful, boisterous, energetic voices
5. That we have the means to provide, and the loving family who gives, lots of fun things for our kids
4. Having a loyal canine companion who loves me no matter how often I tell him to get out from under my feet and stay away from the garbage
3. That somebody invented microwaves and microwave popcorn
2. That my son often wakes me up with big smiles and lots of cuddles
1. That with the slightest of nudges they both stop snoring and I get to sleep in peace surrounded by love

Bonus: That my book finally got REALLY good.
Double Bonus: Yeah, I got nothing on that one...I'm really tired this morning......Oh, wait, I've got one.....That I get to enjoy a much-needed second cup of delicious coffee this morning.

Until next time, let yourself feel a little glum or a touch annoyed about whatever is getting on your nerves these days...but then turn it around and focus on what you have to be grateful for. Seriously. Actually list it out just like this. List each annoyance, then flip each one into something to be grateful for. You'll be amazed by how much this helps change your perspective and attitude. It can actually turn around a bad mood, or even a bad day. Try it.

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