May 13, 2014

Top Ten Things I Want...and didn't get for Mother's Day

What's up Top Ten Tuesday?! Nice to see you again.

This week I'm sharing my totally random (and somewhat weird) list of the Top Ten Things I Want...and didn't get for Mother's Day. There should be a great big *asterisk* here denoting that 1) I didn't actually ask for any of these things for Mother's Day, so it would've been tough to know that I wanted any of them; and 2) We haven't even celebrated Mother's Day in our house yet. So, technically, I could still get one of these items for Mother's Day...belated.

You see, my husband was on a business trip all the week prior to and up until 4:30pm on actual Mother's Day. Plus we had out-of-town guests that day (which was awesome, but I didn't feel it was appropriate to ask them to wait on me hand-and-foot). So, we are planning to celebrate Mother's Day (complete with sleeping in) this Saturday instead.

Being a business-travel-induced-single-mom on Mother's Day inspired this bonus top ten list:

Top Ten Things Mothers Should NOT Have to Do on Mother's Day (all of which I did this Mother's Day)

10. Empty the dishwasher/load the dishwasher/wash dishes
9. Clean-up the house...and then re-clean-up after the kids trash it again
8. Step on small toys/parts like legos and plastic characters
7. Deal with sibling fights
6. Prepare food of any kind for any one (mom shouldn't even have to toast bread)
5. Have their shortcomings pointed out to them
4. Make her own cup of coffee
3. Change a poopy diaper
2. Be awakened at 5:55am (even if the "alarm" is super cute)
1. Get out of bed at all...unless they really want to

But seriously, folks... I have a most amazing husband and two fantabulous children who love me and treat me well (most of the time). My husband brought me back chocolates and earrings from his trip to Germany and didn't even count those as Mother's Day gifts. And my kids did shower me with affection on Mother's Day...though they were oblivious to the fact that it was Mother's Day...that's just how they roll. So, don't cry for me, Argentina. I'm doing just fine over here.

Regardless, here it is, this week's top ten list:

Top Ten Things I Want...and didn't get for Mother's Day

10. A new (fun, summer color) wristband for my Fitbit
9. A bracelet that says: Listen. (because I need the reminder sometimes)
8. A sewing machine (this should shock my mom)
7. A laminator
6. A new, cute tote bag for lugging around all the kid crap with me each day
5. A composter...both a little counter top one and a big outdoor one
4. A raised garden bed and a rain barrel
3. A breadbox...for reals
2. A pair of shorts that fit and look great (aka: magic shorts)
1. A good friend somewhere in this new town...or maybe a weekend with the wonderful-- but far away-- ones I already have

Until next time, I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day and I bid you, happy mothering!

Note: The pictures above are all of things I did get for Mother's from my lovely parents, a flower in a fingerprint decorated pot from my almost 3 year old (complete with plastic bug), and a footprint butterfly painting from my 5 year old. All of which I love and appreciate.

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