May 6, 2014

Top Ten Crafty Pinterest Projects I Want To Do For Me

Top Ten Tuesday again? So soon? Dang, those weeks go by fast. Crazy.

So, I have an ulterior motive for this week's top ten post. I figure that if I actually put out there, on display, my top ten crafty Pinterest projects, maybe it will actually light a fire under my ample ass to ACTUALLY DO THEM! Imagine that. Actually doing some of the cool things we see on Pinterest! Well, the time has come. And what better time than amidst the rebirth of Spring to creatively blossom all over the dang place.

You'll also notice that the title says "I Want To Do For Me." That wasn't by accident. I'm not talking about getting crafty for the kids. I'm not talking about new recipes for the family or a school function or a party. I'm not talking about gift ideas for others. I'm talking about gettin' my craft on Just. For. Me. These are projects that I want to do. These are projects for ME. (I know. Gasp.)

So, here we's about to get all Pinteresty up in here!

Top Ten Crafty Pinterest Projects I Want To Do For Me
10. Refinishing our craft room table to something cool like this (from

9. Cool tags made from old book pages (no attribution):

8. Photograph and upload pictures of my kids' artwork and create a book or poster of the prints. I plan to do mine with Artkive or the like. This photo shows a DIY version (from

7. Start a Smash Book. There are so many examples and tutorials out there. (this one's from

6. Make a T'Shirt Quilt. I don't know if this is realistic since I don't know how to sew. But I would love to take all those old t'shirts that have sentimental value but just take up space in the closet and make one of these. (from

5. A DIY sharpie-decorated mug. There are tons of examples of these all over Pinterest. I like this one...but there are lots of others I like too. (from

4. Turn my Grandma's Recipes into kitchen towels. So cool. Especially if I can do it in her own handwriting. (from spoon

3. I really want to get off my butt and make family yearbooks. I love this idea. I've seen many examples. (this one is from

2. I would love to create some books for my kids the "Mo Willems Way". I have one idea in particular to try. (from

1. The Button Lamp Shade (no attribution): I have everything I need, I just need to do it!:

And, honorable mention: I happen to have one shipping pallet in my possession that I want to do something crafty with, but I'm not sure what yet. This is one idea: picture ledges. (from

Or maybe a planter (from

If you'd like to see other cool things on my list, you can check out my Gettin' Crafty pinboard here: Or just start following me on Pinterest...there's a button over there ------> to do just that. :-)

Until next time, go get crafty with your bad self!

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