April 15, 2014

Top Ten Things I'm Grateful For Today

Gratitude. It's a buzzword right now. The idea of gratitude is everywhere, it seems. And yet I'm not so sure there is actual gratitude everywhere, these days. Research says that grateful people live longer and happier lives. Spiritual teachers tell us that gratitude is essential to a fulfilling life. So, in the spirit of gratitude...this simple act of recognizing the things we are grateful for each day...today's Top Ten Tuesday list is...

Top Ten Things I'm Grateful For Today
10. My morning workout.
9. The first warming sip of my morning coffee. (And, well, really, that whole darn cup of coffee. And the second one. And, um, the Keurig and coffeeshops that brew that coffee for me. :-)
8. Fresh baked cookies. (Because, even if you aren't currently eating one, you can close your eyes and call-up the memory of biting into that soft, warm cookie and savoring the taste on your tongue. And that is always something to be grateful for.)
7. My strong and soft body that gets me through each day and every crazy workout, and bore my children, and lets me carry them and cuddle them, and bears the brunt of my occasional nasty thoughts and words about it without complaint.
6. Books. Books. Books. (And bookstores. And libraries. And cozy reading nooks. And...)
5. The warmth and brightness of the Spring sunshine.
4. The flowers and buds that are finally out and reaching toward that warm, bright sun.
3. An unexpected call and delightful conversation with a dear friend.
2. The warmth of my husband by my side...on the couch, in bed, and in life.
1. The two amazing children looking up at me. Every. Glorious. Day.

Until next time, take a moment to stop and smell the flowers in your life...and be grateful.

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