March 18, 2014

Top Ten Ideas for Resolutions Right Now

Welcome back! It's Top Ten Tuesday time again!

I had planned to write a post about New Year's Resolutions sometime back around January 1, but for some reason I just couldn't get it together. I was delayed a bit in getting up and running, but I did eventually get engaged in things. I looked back over my resolutions from last year, like I always do. And I did my annual January resolution brainstorm at the coffeeshop….like I always do.

Sidebar: Here's a little peek at my perch in my current favorite writing spot, The Cocoa Beanery. These were actually taken while I was working on my resolutions back in January. At some point I will share shots of my other favorite writing locals…

But I kept wanting to spend more time with it all. It needed more thought. The thinking needed to be synthesized…simplified. And yet I never could get myself to do it. I just copied "Resolutions" from one week's to-do list to the next, never really doing anything more with it. I'm not sure why. I suppose I needed more time to play with it. Or, more likely, I needed to not be in a funk while I was working on it.

Luckily, while I do think that the new year is an excellent time to evaluate our lives--what's working and what isn't…what we want to add and what we want to subtract-- I truly believe that anytime is a good time for this kind of self-reflection. So, January, March, July, November…whatever works…whenever you're feeling inspired.

Another thing I've learned about me and resolutions is that I have a tendency to set my sights a wee bit high when it comes to resolutions…not so much by setting resolutions I can't achieve (stretch goals are good!), but by taking on more, big resolutions than may be smart to take on in one year.

But that doesn't mean that I can't have lots of good ideas! So, here are my top ten ideas for what I'm calling my "Resolutions Right Now"…because the new year doesn't have to corner the market on resolutions.

Top Ten Ideas for Resolutions Right Now

10. Schedule time to nurture dear friendships and family relationships...with visits, phone calls, texts, emails, Facebook and (gasp!) snail mail (this is especially important since I've just moved even further away from so many people that I love)
9. Be a Hands Free Family...limit screen time when together (we've already started a "screen-free time zone" from dinnertime thru the kids' bedtime for my husband and me so we stay focused on the kids and each other rather than our devices)
8. Get in at least 10,000 steps each day (I use my FitBit to keep track!)
7. Take better care of me so I can be a happy mom/wife
6. Stop multitasking. Period.
5. Plan and schedule cool activities for the kids (and for me) at home (aka: actually do some of the great stuff I pin on Pinterest)
4. Make homemade bread and homemade ice cream
3. Fun Date Nights. Enough said.
2. Write. Write. Write. (Write the blog. Write the novel. Write in my journal. I would add "Read. Read. Read." too, but that never seems to be a problem for me, so…)
1. Live from a place of abundance and gratitude and joy. (Let go of all the stuff that doesn't matter and ask myself, each day, "How do I want to remember this day? How do I want my kids to remember this day? and What is most important today?" Is it checking something off the to-do list or writing? Is it going through emails or getting down and really playing with my kids?)

Until next time, pick one thing you want to add to or subtract from your life today and make a Right Now Resolution for yourself…because, as they say, there's no time like the present!


  1. I'm glad I am not the only one who was a bit slow off the mark with making goals for this year! :) I am still working on mine!

    1. I think that the fact that you're even thinking about goals means something. It means you're not just floating with the current of the everyday--at least not all of the time. You're thinking and feeling and growing and living. Though sometimes you have to just float too! ;-) Thanks for stopping by!