March 26, 2014

Top Ten Favorite K-Cups

It's Top Ten Tuesday! Hurray! (I know it's actually Wednesday, but just go with it…)

This week's top ten list is pretty simple and straight-forward. As I'm sure you've gleaned from my blog, if you read along with any frequency, I am a coffee lover. A borderline coffee junkie. I love coffeeshops. I love coffee. I drool over a Starbuck's Nonfat Latte. And I savor a straight-up medium roast with room for cream at my local Cocoa Beanery. At home I brew with my trusty Keurig.

I drink a lot of flavored k-cups at home. Regular in the morning. Decaf in the afternoon. I top it off with half & half…and on the weekends, a little whip cream. In the coffeeshop I shake in some cinnamon too. But my husband goes no-flavor on the coffee and then adds flavored creamer (he likes the Bailey's creamers). I also drink a fair amount of tea…both iced and hot. And brew those with my Keurig as well.

We order k-cups in large quantities…giant boxes of warmth and happiness delivered to our doorstep every few months. We order mostly from…sometimes from Green Mountain. I also will randomly pick up boxes from Target or Bed Bath & Beyond or Macy's (one of my favorite flavors isn't available through…which is annoying).

Anyway, that's the long way of saying: I drink a lot of coffee and therefore may be a reputable source for k-cup recommendations. :-)

So here you go: My Top Ten Favorite K-Cups

        Top Ten Favorite K-Cups
10. Bigelow Green Tea with Pomegranate (my husband's favorite for iced tea…just brew over a big glass of ice…it's too sweet for me, but he loves it)
9. Barista Prima Decaf Italian Roast (my husband's favorite decaf) and Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve Dark Roast Extra Bold (my husband's favorite regular); he also loves Wolfgang Puck's Jamaica Me Crazy (which has a light coconut flavor)
8. Folgers Gourmet Selections Vanilla Biscotti
7. Donut Shop Decaf Medium Roast Coffee
6. Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Light Roast Coffee
5. Twinings Decaf Earl Grey Tea
4. Celestial Seasonings Decaf Green Tea (I do this one both hot and iced)
3. Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Light Roast Coffee
2. Green Mountain Hazelnut Decaf Light Roast Coffee
1. Gloria Jean's Macadamia Cookie Medium Roast Coffee

Let me know your favorites and I'll add them to my list to try!

Until next time, happy brewing!

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  1. Those K-cups sound pretty tasty! If you need a good place to buy k-cups and coffee online, I recommend CoffeeForLess. Cheers!