February 25, 2014

Top Ten Things I Don't Do As Often As I Should

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday at MamaManagement. In the spirit of growing as a blogger, I thought I'd try out some new things at MamaManagement. Nothing too crazy, but, you know, mixing it up a bit. I made some super-minor tweaks to the basic blog layout, but hope to do a little more in the weeks to come (as soon as I figure out how…I'm a bit of an embarrassment to my generation when it comes to this stuff). Anyway…here we go!

Top Ten Things I Don't Do As Often As I Should

10. Clean my make-up brushes
9. Make homemade smoothies
8. Be on-time in the mornings
7. Deep clean my house
6. Say no to snacking
5. Go to bed early
4. Floss
3. Catch myself before I yell when it's more about me being frustrated than about whatever the kids have done
2. Tell my husband how much I appreciate and love him
1. Give myself a break

Until next time, learn from my mistakes: floss your teeth and go to bed early. And give yourself a break.

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