February 28, 2014

If I Were a Spice Girl...

Okay, I know this is kind of a random post, but bear with me…

It all started when I saw an outfit in the Athleta catalog that recently came in the mail. I really liked the outfit and even showed it to my husband (as in, "Look honey, isn't this cute?").
Later that night, I turned out the lights and laid in bed for a bit letting my brain wind down (which it is want to do these days before it's willing to let me go to sleep). And, for whatever reason, it went back to that outfit, and then off on various tangents (as my tangential mind is known to do (as in, "Look! A Bird!")*). And this is where it went…

As I think about the me I want to be as I enter into a new decade and refine how I define myself as both Mom and Me (things are changing as we leave the baby stage behind in our household), it occurred to me that one area that I can express this "refined self" in is my fashion and beauty persona. (It is also in my home/personal space, which I am working on as well. And most especially in how I spend my precious time each day…but more on that later.)

First, let's just start things off by saying that my claiming to even have a "fashion and beauty persona" is kind of funny. I am so far from being a fashionista. I'm like a fashionista's distant cousin's sister-in-law's next door neighbor's babysitter's best friend. BUT, that doesn't mean that the way I present myself doesn't say something about me. It's just that it currently says that I'm a mom of young children that only mildly cares about her appearance…someone who cares enough to shower and wear matching clothes that were purchased in this decade and are not completely offensive to the eye. But it's mainly just a lot of jeans and glorified t'shirts…and in the summer it just changes to cargo capris and short sleeves. It says I value function over form.

But, in my late-night ponderings, I got to thinking…if I were a Spice Girl, which one would I want to be?
Baby Spice and Scary Spice are obviously out of the question unless it's Halloween or I've gone completely over the edge. So that leaves Sporty Spice, Posh Spice and Ginger Spice. Ginger Spice requires a significant dye job, and I'm not sure I can pull off red. So that quickly gets me down to Posh and Sporty.

Now, I'm not looking at this in terms of celebrity aspiration (as in, would I rather look like Victoria Beckham or Melanie Chisholm?…yes, I had to google the real name of Sporty Spice; and yes, the short answer is Victoria Beckham). I'm thinking about what persona better fits who I am and who I want to be and what my day-to-day life looks like. I'm thinking in terms of, "If you build it, it will come." (Yes, that was a Field of Dreams reference.) Sort of: If you dress the part, you will fill the role.

Posh Spice is freakin' cool. She's put together. She's on-trend. She always looks great. I would love to be Posh Spice. But is it really who I am?

Sporty Spice is cool in her own way. She's fit. She's active. She's put together, but she's also comfortable. She's wearing something she can get down on the floor in and play with the kids…or she chase a two-year-old down the grocery aisle. She could also stop what she's doing and workout at any given moment. And maybe she will, since she's dressed for it. She's not dressed in old yoga pants and a grubby race t'shirt. She looks put together and polished, just in a sporty way.

I think that's both more realistic and more me…at least today. I can still put on high heels for a night out with my husband. But Sporty Spice is more in line with who I feel like right now. And who I am striving to be.

Okay, Sporty Spice it is. I'm glad that's settled.

And then I sighed, rolled over, and went to sleep.

Yes, I thought about all of this while laying in the dark a few nights ago.

When I should have been sleeping.

I know. Sigh. It's a disease.


Until next time, give some thought to who you are--and who you are striving to be--and find new ways to express that self.

And, yes, you can call me Sporty Amy.

*If you happen to read this, that reference is for you, Joe.

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