December 20, 2013

Pudding Reindeer. Just because they're cute!


Hello super adorable chocolate pudding reindeer! I mean seriously, these are too cute! I made them for my daughter's party at preschool and served them with powdered sugar donut hole "snowballs". So fun!

They are really easy to make, though they do take a little time, but it's mindless enough work that it can be done while watching HGTV or Food Network…though I don't recommend wielding a hot glue gun with any shows you get too involved in--I don't want anyone getting hurt!

Here's what you need to make your own Pudding Reindeer:

- pudding cups
- pipe cleaners
- google eyes (peel and stick, if you have them)
- something for red noses; I cut circles from red foam sheets, but you could use felt, constructions paper, fake berries, fuzzy balls, whatever.
- scissors
- hot glue gun

Stick two google eyes to each pudding cup. Cut out your red noses from whatever material you're using. Hot glue noses to the cups with just a dab of glue. If you have standard length pipe cleaners, cut each one into fourths. (You will need one pipe cleaner per pudding cup for the antlers.) For each antler, wrap one piece of pipe cleaner around another, about a third of the way down, until tight enough to stay put. Then shape the ends of the "antlers" a bit so they look like, well, antlers. (Use the photos here as reference.) Repeat with the remaining two section of your pipe cleaner to create the other antler. Then hot glue the ends of each pipe cleaner antler to the sides of the pudding cup. And presto! Pudding Reindeer! Hurray!

Until next time, happy holiday snack crafting!

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