September 8, 2013

A New Beginning

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and fun and chaos and stress and lots and lots of driving. Hell, the last three months have been filled with all those things too.

Moving is hard.

I guess that's why it's one of the most stressful life events. (It depends on which source you consult, but it typically lands just behind death and divorce on the list.) For me, it has definitely been a roller coaster of highs--like fun outings with the kids, sweet time with friends, and bonding time with family-- and lows (which I won't go into because I'm no longer focusing on the negative; but sufficed to say there were some pretty low lows…some tears and a bit of shouting and much jaw-clenching!).

But here we are. In our new town. In our new preschool. In our new house…surrounded by boxes and unable to find many things and stalked by flies that joined the family during 8 hours of doors-wide-open whilst the movers unloaded the truck.

Here we are at a new beginning.

Though it is also a bit daunting and scary and overwhelming (and will likely have some times of loneliness once things settle down), it is fresh and clean and new. I can do anything. I can be anybody. I can make any change I've longed to make as if it has always been that way. I can shed old skins and show my shiny, new self.

In Hudson I was a new mom who struggled to stay committed to an exercise routine for more than a few months since having kids…In Hershey I am the runner and bit of a workout junkie that I was before having kids.

In Hudson I struggled to find time for myself since having kids…In Hershey I balance Mom and Me with grace and confidence (and support from my now-happy-at-work husband).

In Hershey I can let go of clutter and create the home environment I've always wanted. In Hershey I can create new, inspiring workspaces for all of us. In Hershey I can create a new weekday schedule for the me and kids. In Hershey we can explore a whole new world.

But first, I have to unpack a few boxes… :-)

Until next time, go create a clean slate in some aspect of your life where you feel you need it…after all, you don't need to move to a new town to begin anew.

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