May 22, 2013

Evening Walks with Cooper

In the evenings, once the kids are in bed, I lace up my tennies (or pull on my boots, coat, hat, scarf and mittens when there is snow and freezing temps), slide the leash on the dog, and head out for our nightly walk. 

For 20-30 minutes each night, we wander the neighborhood or the park across the street. Sometimes I catch-up with someone on the phone, sometimes I check email, sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I chat with neighbors while Cooper greets their dogs, and sometimes we just walk. 

In the winter, our walks are always in the dark and are typically very quiet--just the crunch of my boots in the snow. It is the most peaceful time in my day and the reason why I usually don't mind heading out into the cold, dark night. 

In the Spring…like right now…it is such a beautiful walk. Trees and flowers in bloom, sun shining or colors intensified by the rain. Moon on the rise. I am often struck by the beauty of nature and the wonder of where I am so lucky to live.

So I thought I'd share. Come walk with me...

Cooper's ready to go.

A moonlit evening walking through the park. Case-Barlow Farm and baseball field lights in the distance.

Case-Barlow Farm. The sky was gorgeous this evening and the light so lovely.

I tried to capture the colors, but this photo doesn't do the sky justice. It was a deep, serene blue.

One should always live with a bright red barn somewhere nearby.

The baseball field lights across the soccer field expanse.

The crescent moon.

A bench we wander by each night.

Green! Green! Green is back! Hurray for Spring!

A beautiful shade of pink.

Little pops of color at our feet.

Seriously, I just love Spring.
These feet were made for walking.

Until next time, get outside and go for a walk. Now please.

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