April 27, 2013

Sometimes You Just Need a Little Change in Perspective

So I've been working on this project to reorganize and repurpose a few rooms in our home...morphing the home office into a reading and writing library, then the dining room will grow into a dining-art room, and finally a reorganization of the family-sun-play room.

I started the process with the office transformation more than a month ago. But after the initial burst of energy, in which I pulled everything off shelves and out of drawers and began sorting and recycling and whatnot, I stagnated and things just sat there in disarray. The furniture had been moved and repurposed, but all the "stuff" still sat in piles.

Until one day I was playing with my son and sat down in his kid's chair (which I had moved into the library as a part of a reading and listening station for the kids).

Suddenly, I looked up at the desk and shelving unit that takes up one entire wall in the office and saw it all in a completely different way.

And that's what it took. A simple change in perspective and it all became clear...how I wanted to shuffle things around, what I wanted to put where...and the stalemate was thwarted. The reorganization began anew, and now I have a new reading and writing library with space and purpose for the whole family.

And I love it.

So next time your stuck, try a little change in perspective. You might be amazed by the breakthrough.

As for me, well, it's on to that dining-art room...wish me luck!

Until next time, climb up high or lay down low and look around...see what looks different!

P.S. Doesn't sepia tone make everything look just a bit more romantic? ;-)

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