January 4, 2013

Random Fun: Laundry Basket Rides

This is a totally random post, but my kids love laundry basket rides so much these days that I just had to share...

Here's all you need: a sturdy, smooth-bottomed, plastic laundry basket and something to tie to it that is strong enough to act as your tow rope. I've had a fabric-lined, wooden laundry basket for a long time that is not kid-appropriate and they were always trying to climb in it. So I went out and bought this guy for around 5 bucks, on sale. Our "tow rope" is the fabric sash from a pirate costume which I just looped through the basket and tied at the other end. They climb in one at a time or together for rides just about every day. (My son climbs in it and chants, "Ride! Ride!" until you come pull him around.) And they love it!

They also load it up with toys and take them for rides. My daughter even uses the tow rope to attach it to other things, like her doll stroller or our ride-on Pooh train to create trains, or, in this case, she attached it to Rody and a beach chair and made Santa's sleigh.

You'd be amazed by the fun that little ones can have using their imagination with a simple laundry basket.

Plus, you can actually use it for laundry too!

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