September 9, 2012

A Few Good Beauty Product Finds

One of the things I love to do is share with others the great things that I find. Great recipes. Great books. Great services. Great products. Whatever. Need a fabulous carpet cleaner in the Cleveland-Akron area? Let me know, because I have a fantastic one! Need a good dip to bring to a party? I've got a recipe for you. Need something to read on vacation? Tell me what you like and I can recommend a good read.

That being said, I thought I'd periodically share some products with you that I think are wonderful and that you might enjoy as well. So, I thought I'd do just that today...think of me as Oprah, and these are a few of my favorite things...except that most of my favorite things are relatively cheap and can be found at places like Target or Amazon...and, except that I'm not really even close to being like Oprah...but, I still have favorite things too. (Oh, and don't get too excited. I am not giving away free stuff at the end of this post. Yet another way I am not like Oprah. Too bad.)

Yes To face care products. If you have not seen the Yes To products around yet, you can check them out at Target (in the natural beauty products aisle, near Burt's Bees, a brand I also love). I am a huge lover of this brand overall, and, specifically, of their face washes. I have three different versions for different uses and different times of year.

The Yes To Tomatoes daily face scrub is a wonderful everyday exfoliator. I used to only exfoliate once a week (when I remembered), and I never really used salicylic acid products because I have dry skin, not acne problems. But earlier this year I had a facial and the esthetician told me that as we age our skin doesn't exfoliate itself as well as it used to, so we can end up with dull, dry skin and clogged pores from the un-sloughed-off skin cells. So she recommended regular exfoliation and salicylic acid. And that's when I tried this Yes To Tomatoes product for the first time. Love it!

The Yes To Blueberries face wash is great for winter. It's very gentle and creamy. Great for drier, parched skin. And the Yes To Cucumbers soothing cleanser is perfect for summer (or year-round if you have oilier skin). Both of these are gentle too, so they're worth a try even if you have slightly sensitive skin. Plus, the Yes To products are natural beauty products--which means no parabens, no petroleum and no phthalates...all bad stuff for you and the environment. This is really important to me. I've work hard to find great natural products for me, for the kids, and for our household. (To learn more about the Yes To products, go to

One more wonderful natural beauty product for you...

Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil. This one is not as easy to find in-store, unless you have a good natural foods store nearby. But you can order it online. I've found if I watch the prices on Amazon, I can get it much cheaper (think $11 versus $17 for 16 oz.) and just include it when I'm ordering other things so that I get free shipping too.

This is my everyday body moisturizer. I have always been a lotion junkie (as anyone who has every been in my bathroom can attest to!). I slather it on everyday, head to toe. And I love to find ones that work great and smell good too. But I stumbled across this oil when I was pregnant and looking for some serious moisture. I smooth this on all-over, at the end of my shower (while my skin's still wet) everyday, and no longer need body lotions. It locks in the moisture before I towel off and leaves my skin smooth and soft. It's especially wonderful in the winter. And it's unscented, so it doesn't compete with your perfume. (Though if you want a scent, all you need to do is add a few drops of a favorite essential oil, like lavender, and you're all set!)

So those are a few of my favorite things. Who knows, maybe you'll like them too!

Until next time, stay beautiful, Beautiful.

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