June 24, 2012

She's Crafty: The Big Wine Cork L

Despite the fact that I have reported absolutely NOTHING crafty in quite some time, I have, in fact, found some time, here and there, to actually BE crafty. I know. I'm as shocked as you are. But there I go, surprising us both once again. I can only imagine how crafty I will be once both kids are in school. (For those of you whose kids are already in school, please let me hold on, just a little bit longer, to the fantasy that I will then have lots of time for myself. Thanks.) And with Pinterest guiding my way, the possibilities are endless. I shudder with delighted anticipation. For now, though, we'll all have to suffice with what I have to share with you today. Are you ready? Here we go...

The Giant Wine Cork L! Yes, I know. It. Is. So. Cool.

This was a bonding craft for my husband and me. Not only did we bond while drinking all of the wine necessary to facilitate the making of this marvel, but we also bonded while creating the "L". My husband is a wonderful cross between a type-A engineer and an artist, so he's great for this kind of stuff (Except for when he drives me slightly nuts with the freaky type-A-ness...it doesn't have to be perfect, honey. It's art!).

So here's how we did it: I found a giant, 3-dimensional cardboard letter L (for Lorbach...if that's not obvious) at JoAnn's (measures 24x16 inches). Then we sorted through our overflowing basket of wine corks to find the best looking and most meaningful corks...ones with great shades of red on the tips, ones with cool logos, and ones from our wedding and other special places and occasions. Then we laid the corks out around the outside edge of the L, plugged in the hot glue gun, and got to gluin'. Once the outside edge was done, we then laid out the ones covering the face of the L, and glued those on. We were careful to position the corks so that the cool logos or important words were showcased. Here's another angle so you can see what I mean:

And that was pretty much it. We were going to fashion a way to hang it on our family room wall, but ended up propping it up on the mantle and liking it there. So there it sits.

Next we plan to do a cool wine cork wreath that I saw on Pinterest a while back...which means we need to get drinking!

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